Voyager discovers ‘magnetic highway’ at edge of solar system | The Raw Story

Voyager discovers ‘magnetic highway’ at edge of solar system | The Raw Story.

A man-made artifact is on the verge of exiting our solar system. Mind = Blown.

As a kid, I could chart my life by the Voyager missions. I was ten when Voyager I encountered the Jovian system. I got my driver’s license the year Voyager II sent back pictures of Neptune. I met my wife the year Voyager II took pictures of Uranus. I joined my fraternity the year Voyager I sent its final photographs of the solar system as part of its “family portrait“.

Voyager has discovered moons and measured planets.  And in the future, one version of Voyager even met Captain Kirk.

With 100,000th of the memory power of a 8 gigabyte iPod, this piece of a 1970s technology has performed fantastically. It’s carrying the ambitions of an entire species out into space. The probe has pictures and samples of our culture. It has the famous golden disc containing our music and sounds of our world. Some day, Voyager I may actually encounter another intelligence out there.

And when it does, we promise to send more Chuck Berry.